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Uninstall Windows 10 And Go Back To Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 - Easy Steps To Follow

After upgrading to Windows 10, there may be a lot of issues which could create hurdles and entertainment breakage as compared to 7 or 8. But, it is not a regretting thing now; Microsoft offers a wonderful option for its users that they can uninstall Windows 10 for going back to 7 or 8.

Those users who ask that how to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8; this post is helpful with some smart rolling back tricks from 10 to 7 or 8. There are some requirements for this returning path, which are not so difficult and time taking.

During the uninstallation of Windows 10, your files remain unaffected, but there may need some time & working for the reinstallation of various apps. There may be little change in setting, which can be affected and can also be done again. This is impressive idea if you timely come back as well as uninstall Windows 10, and go back to windows 8. Back up your computer before completing the whole process for rolling back.

Uninstall windows 10 and go back to windows 7 or 8 can be easy by upcoming simple steps, but Windows 10 offers this downgrading offer to the version of 7 & 8 only, trying for other versions may be useless.

Some important details for Windows 10 to 7 or 8 if:

  • The user completed an in-place upgrade to its Windows 10. This is, the user did not perform a clean install, further but rather the upgraded Windows as letting the next upgraded wizard for keeping the user’s files & programs.
  • The time period from its upgrading is less than one month, this is another condition.
  • The user did not delete or remove the old folder of Windows (Windows,old). This is the folder which is created during the upgrading process & a number of people remove it for getting more and more space in their hard disks, but it is a necessary part for rolling back from Windows 10 to 7 or 8.

 If anyone failed to meet these above given three requirements, you cannot use the rolling back option for Windows 7 & 8. The only way in this situation remains to install directly the new version of Windows.

The simple process of rolling back Windows 10

All Windows users who were asking about it that how to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8, follow these simple steps:

  1. If your latest Windows 10 has been less than a month you took a step for its upgrading, you can easily go back to your last version of Windows by processing to Setting > Update & security after this selecting either Go back to Windows 7 or the other option to Go back to Windows 8.1. It will not affect your personal data, files and all other things available in your computer. The one thing which has already been discussed above that your apps may be deleted from the system after this upgrading process, for this, you can install these again. Additionally, for this process, Windows and Microsoft offer some helping guidelines to complete the process easily.
  2. If your Windows is old than one month, the upgrading option will not be given in Settings, for this process you need to follow next steps.
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For more than one month old Windows 10, another option is provided by Microsoft, which is a different recovery option. This is given here, follow for getting the perfect solution of this “How to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8”, these are as:

  1. Your computer is not working well & you recently installed any app, driver as well as update. For this you need to restore your computer from system restore point.
  2. Your system is not working well & it has been a while since an app, driver or update is installed in it. For its perfect solution, reset your PC.
  3. Your computer would not start & you have formed a recovery drive. This is also serious issue which needs a recovery drive for restoring or resetting your PC.
  4. The user’s PC would not start & he or she has not created a recovery drive. For this problem, apply installation media for restoring or resetting your PC.
  5. In this problem, the user’s computer would not start and he or she has not created a recovery drive, here resetting the PC did not work. For getting rid of this problem, you can use installation media for reinstallation Windows 10. This is workable and good solution.
  6. This is another problem in which you want to reinstall the last for previous operating system. For solving this, simply go back to the previous version of Windows.

These were some simple ways to roll back, which gives solution to the most asked question, “How to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8”, and it is easy to perform these given steps. But, keep the time duration of Windows 10 installation for the process of rolling back, it is necessary. For the age of more than one month, Windows 10 needs some different recovery options, which have also been given in this written work.

In last, to uninstall Windows 10 and go back to Windows 7 or 8, only two steps are required, after those you can easily roll back on your beloved versions. The only condition is its time period. For extra time Windows, another way is specified by Microsoft, which has also been provided.

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