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Start Menu isn’t working on Windows 10 ? Troubleshoot problems Opening The Start Menu : Easy Fixes & Fast Support

This is a common complaint that Start menu isn’t working on windows 10; it is specific in Windows 10 which is not working after upgrading again & again. No apparent reason is told, and it stops working automatically. It is a critical error which creates troubles during the use of computer at offices & homes.

This type of messages can be seen when Start menu is not working on Windows 10:

  • “Your Start Menu isn't working. We'll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”
  • “Your start menu is damaged. We will try to fix it on start up.”
  • “Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in.”

Your Start menu is formed a welcome return in your Windows 10 & it is now the central way to get all the things done within the latest operating system. It is during its working time.

Tactlessly, it is an irritating issue in the start menu of Windows 10 that it does not open when you click its start button or press the given key [Windows] on your keyboard. Search box to freeze, it is another killing issue of this cause.

As your Windows Updates are being installed, it can only happen during this process, but this is more often by any kind of bug. “Start menu isn’t working on windows 10” has become a serious and difficult issue of Windows. Some solutions for checking & repairing corrupt Windows files are given below, follow and try to get rid of this serious issue.

Check & repair corrupt Windows files

Corrupted files of Windows can disrupt your whole system including Start menu, which normally stuck in. If the start menu is not working on windows 10, these steps can be followed for some satisfactory solutions:

  1. Task manager launching

From your keyboard, press the keys [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] at a time, or use another way of right clicking the Taskbar, now select the Task manager.

  1. New Windows task running

Click the More Details option for expanding after opening the Task Manager window. After it, select Run new task, it is from the File menu.

  1. Run your Windows PowerShell

After opening the Run new task box dialogue, write Powershell, now tick the box here for Create this task with administrative privileges then select OK.

  1. Run now System File Checker

Write sfc/scannow within the window & press the key of [Return]. The scanning process may take short time & will stop among one of three results. Here, you will find two sentences:

“Windows did not find any integrity violations & Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and repaired them.”

Which mean that no one corrupt file is remaining here, but the words:

“Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some (or all) of them.”

Show a problem in this place.

For this case, write (or simply copy & paste) DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth, it will be typed into the window of PowerShell & press now [Return] key. It will download the files from the Windows Update for replacing the corrupt ones then, again, it may take short time.

If someone’s Start menu isn’t working on windows 10, and they are in search of best solutions, follow the next guidelines:

Reinstallation of all Windows apps

If you download and reinstall all apps of Windows 10, then this process can fix the stuck start menu error. Windows 10 is supported for modern and responsive apps all the times. Automatic reinstallation may take little time. Delete the old files and setup; reinstall all apps for better working. Online data storing apps should not be affected during all of this process.

The updating process may stop some apps, so if any of your app is not working then reinstall it. Follow the steps for updating all apps and related files if your start menu is not working on Windows 10 and you are updating the apps.

Make a new user account

If anyone’s Start menu is not working on Windows 10 then it is also necessary to create a new account after performing all solution steps which have been given above. Creating a new user account may help in fixing this issue too. For those who are using a Microsoft account, their settings will be transferred into the new account as it is upgraded from the default local account. Transferring of local files from one to another account is necessary in all of the cases. It will not affect your installed software.

  1. Launch Task manager

For launching Task manager, open it & select Run new task, it is given in File menu. Tick the given box in which Create this task is written among administrative privileges, now type net use (NewUsername NewPassword /add within the box).

The user needs to replace the username & passwords for secure and workable ones. Select complicated words so that no one can hack your account.

  1. Log into this new account

Log into your new account after restarting the Windows, your Start menu will work now perfectly. You can also change your local account to a Microsoft account. Here you can transfer files as well as settings. For those who were saying that Start menu isn’t working on windows 10 can use their PC easily.

Refresh your computer

Refresh your Windows 10 and the whole system. After this, all documents will not be affected.

  1. Restart Windows

In troubleshooting mode, restart your computer after closing all open applications. For this, press the [Windows] + [L] keys, it is necessary for logging out from your Windows account — or simply restart the Windows. Here, on the login screen, you can click the Powericon at the lower right, now, hold down the [Shift] key & select the option of Restart.

  1. Reset your computer

Click troubleshoots which is followed by Reset option for resetting your PC. In last, click the option of keep my files and follow the all given on-screen options.

 These were some simple guidelines and steps when your Start menu is not working on windows 10, follow thee and solve the issue. If you feel trouble in solving the issue, contact us,


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