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Windows 10 Mail won’t Sync ? "Not Synced Yet" Call Us To Get Easy Support Windows Technical Support Phone Number +1 (800) 893-0638

If someone has upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 or just using version 10 from scratch and mail sync was not working, he/she may face problem in downloading mails from emails (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other). This is a common issue about that people ask & report on Internet that Windows 10 mail won't sync. An error is also famous with this issue which is "error code: 0x80072726". Due to this error, Windows 10 Mail app does not sync.

For all Windows 10 users, who are living anywhere in the world, these are common issues which are reported on many places:

  • Windows 10 mail won't sync
  • Windows 10 mail won’t sync with Gmail
  • Windows 10 mail won’t sync Yahoo
  • Windows 10 mail won't sync Hotmail
  • Windows 10 Mail app not syncing

All of settings of your Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or any other accounts are okay, no issues is there from email provider and Internet connection, but the a problem is there in email and its sync. People tell that all of email inboxes are free from error if they use their email accounts from other devices and old versions of Windows, but the only issue looks in Windows 10. What is its cause and how can it be solved? For solving this issue, some guidelines are suggested, follow these and solve the issue because of that your Windows 10 mail won’t sync.

Causes of Windows 10 mail sync

Your Windows 10 mail won’t sync with Gmail or others like Yahoo or Hotmail, this is due to an error in your Windows which is called “error code: 0x80072726". Large files attachment and slow Internet speed are also the cause of mail sync, but these are some different things. Synced theme and some other technical faults are become its cause too. There may be date & time issue after that the problem is created. Whatever the cause, one thing is clear that Windows 10 has an error in email which should be solved.

For solving the issue of Windows 10 mailing, some simple steps are given below; there are some different solutions, for your system as well as your smart devices (Apps). Apply these simple steps, solve the issue and make our system error free.

Solutions if Windows 10 mail won't sync

If Windows 10 mail won't sync, don’t worry, follow these steps and get rid of this error. Different solutions are given if Windows 10 mail won’t sync yahoo, as well as Gmail and Hotmail.

  1. Apply updates in Windows 10

During the issue when Windows 10 mail won't sync Hotmail, as well as all other emailing, make sure it that the automatic Windows Updates are active & enabled. It can be confirmed from the latest updates, if these were done then it means going right, and check its activity and updating. Microsoft has provided different links and pages on its official website to keep the Windows updated, users can get help.

  1. Change your email sync duration

It is helping if you are unable to see your old (One week or month) emails. Make your system working after changing your sync duration. Follow these steps:

  1. Select Setting from the lower side of the left navigation pane.
  2. Select Accounts, now select the account which you need to troubleshoot.
  3. Select now Change mailbox sync settings.
  4. Select an option as suitable under the Download new content.
  5. Select any time or another from the Download from, it depends upon you which you think that it is better.
  6. Select Done > Save.


  1. Removal & recreation of your email account

If the user has secondary account which is not syncing, after removing add it again. The user’s Microsoft account has been added, it is same which was used to sign in to Windows. It is also added to Mail as well as Calendar apps by defaults. Windows 10 mail won’t sync with Gmail and other email services issues will also be solved after this. It is well in working for app issue which are same, and creating problem mail syncing. This step can be applied for fixing the issue in your smartphone.

  1. Change your privacy settings for enabling syncing

It is good to change your privacy settings for enabling the syncing in Windows. It is hoped that after applying this step you will not say it again that Windows 10 mail won't sync.

  1. Reimage

Use Reimage, it is helping as well as repairing tool for your computers which has been proven for identifying as well as fix any problem of Windows (any version). Its level of success is high and recommended by many users on Internet.

This is used by many Canadian & international users in past for identifying as well as fixing about all the things from blue screens (BSOD’s), different corrupt files & processes, ActiveX errors, different dl/exe/sys errors, to recover the lost memory, problems in Windows updating, defragging and malware removal including many other things.

  1. Use BT

BT is also a helping and good tool to keep your Windows healthy & error free, it is useful when Windows 10 mail won't sync. In desktop computers & laptops among many smart devices, it is fantastic. It is okay on Windows 8.1 and 10 (Applied).

  1. Hire a team of experts

This is last and strong solution if Windows 10 mail won't sync. Hire professionals and tell about the issue in detail with some screenshots. They can solve your issue within short time. We also help in such technical issue to make your systems error free. As we are Canada based tea of IT experts, and equipped with latest tools and techniques, hire us and make the personal and official systems fast, reliable and useful.

In last, if Windows 10 mail won't sync, or "error code: 0x80072726" makes your system hard to receive mails, the above given solutions are best. This issue can disturb you in desktop computers, laptops and smartphones as well, the given solutions are also helpful in apps. For short time and perfect solutions hire IT experts who have enough experience to solve such issues.


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