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Easy Support For Your Lost Account Password Recovery

It happens often when we forget our account password or our account gets disable due to some other reasons. It is not a matter of disappointment there are lots of solutions available through which an account password recovery can be preceded. For the ease of our viewers this article has been updated with so many solutions of different types of account password issues. Follow these solutions to recover password of your account or accounts with investing less time. Besides account recovery this article contains solutions for email password recovery as well.

How can I recover my Google password?

Let’s start with Gmail account password recovery. Consider the following steps in case you have forgotten the password of your Google account.

  • In case you forget your Google account password and you are getting constantly messages like, your user name or password does not match then visit the page with the name password-assistance page and enter your username there.
  • For Google accounts with Gmail you have to enter your full email ID you used while creating your account.
  • While for Google accounts with Gmail you have to just enter the address that appears before “”
  • After entering your username type letters in the picture that appears in distorted form and click Submit.
  • A message will be sent to your address you registered as Google Account username.
  • In this message you will find instructions for your password recovery.
  • Or a message will be sent to alternate email address you have provided while creating your account.
  • In case you don’t have an alternate email address and you are trying to sig in your account since 24 hours, kindly stop trying for next 24 hours. Visit password-assistance page after 24 hours and enter your username there. In this way you will be able to reset your password by answering correctly to the security questions.
  • If you don’t remember the answers to your security questions then you have to fill the Google account form to recover password.

If you do not remember your security questions try the options given there to recover your account by your mobile number you provided while creating account.

How to recover yahoo account : Get Expert Answer :

Don’t worry if you have forgotten your Yahoo account password just follow simple steps to get password recovery login.

  • Try Password helper to reset your password. For further assistance follow these steps to accurately identify your identity and reset your account password.
  • If you have not provided your mobile phone number then the reset option might not appear in Password Helper.
  • Head over Password Helper. Click on “I don’t know my Yahoo email address”.
  • If you have provided the number an option “text me” will appear. Click on Yes, text me.
  • Yahoo will send a verification code to your number.
  • Enter that verification code in the desired box.
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Note that if you mistakenly close the page "Code sent to my mobile phone" you can continue from that page on your next attempt.
  • Then click on Continue and create a new password for your account immediately.

You can recover password with the help of alternate email address. Follow these steps:

  • Head over Password Helper. Enter your email ID. If you don’t have mobile number registered an option will appear. No, I can't receive text. Click on that option.
  • Your alternate email address will appear there. Click on Yes if you can access that email.
  • An email "Recover access to your Yahoo account" will be sent to your alternate email address. Enter the verification code provided by Yahoo and click on Create new password and update your password.


How to recover hotmail account when it is blocked

While creating account on Hotmail try to follow steps to keep your account safe. Try these steps:

  • Always try to set a strong password for your account.
  • Your password should carry 8 letters for good strength
  • Always use an anti-virus to protect your email account
  • Try to change your account password often
  • For further assistance you can call hotmail customer service

Recover forgotten Hotmail password:

  • For hotmail Email password recovery visit Hotmail Password Reset page. If it fails to recover your account then verify your account with mobile number and sign in to Microsoft account.
  • In case your account has hacked you can report to Microsoft. After reporting scan your account to get rid of malwares and spywares.
  • You can follow the links provided on security vulnerability page to get back your account. Or you can call Hotmail customer service for further details.
  • Immediately change the password of your account after getting back your account. This can be done after answering some security questions you have set while creating the account.
  • In case you forget your security question you can change it. Go to options then click on more options then click on view or edit to change your personal information.
  • After being verified, use the Microsoft Account Activity Page in order to check access to your account.
  • Never put personal information in any free email accounts as there is no guarantee for the support of such free email accounts.

Recover Outlook Account Password

Like other programs Outlook is also considered as an efficient program that manages journals, calendars and schedulers for an effective business communication. Outlook always uses pst files to store information of contacts, emails and other personal information. If pst file gets infected, Outlook will get enabled to fetch any information. This corruption of files may occur due to some reasons and they are:

  • Infected files are result of corruption in header of pst files
  • Infected files are a result of corruption in pst files when utilized on a network
  • Corruption in files may occur while compacting
  • Corruption may also cause due to defragmentation

How to repair Outlook?

Inability to access to the desired file may lead to problems in Outlook. To repair this problem click Start then search or find option then type scanpst.exe. This is considered very effective to repair Outlook. If this tool fails to repair Outlook you can repair it by using Outlook mail recovery software. This software can be used to recover messages, contacts, emails and other information from Outlook.

Recover account password on Outlook:

Follow these steps to change file password of Outlook:

  • First, you have to click on file option.
  • Then click on account settings
  • After this, choose the data file option
  • Now double click on pst file
  • Now click on change password option
  • After doing so, enter your old password and then new password
  • At end click on OK to finish the process.

Managing your AOL Password

Now a day’s everybody finds it easy to store their information in their accounts so as AOL is used to store information. But if someone forgets one’s password it can be recovered by following some easy methods. These methods are obviously cost effective and help the account holder to get back his stored information.

  • It has always been suggested to set a very easy password or a short one to be remembered for long. Sometimes people do not access their account for long time and hence forget the password.
  • One of the methods for AOL account password recovery is Automatic Password Recovery. Here you can enable notifications and get notifications, you don’t have to answer any security question required to change the password of your account.
  • You don’t have to pay for this software for the recovery of your account’s password as it is free of cost. In fact this feature can be enabled on 10 computers at a time.
  • A pop up notification will appear on your screen after your computers get listed as a trusted computer on AOL systems. An advantage of this tool is that AOL will notify you immediately if someone else tries to access your account.
  • Another way to recover your account’s password is by visiting the website of AOL and then Click on “Forgotten Password”.
  • The website will ask you to enter the last 4 digits of credit card you entered while creating your account on AOL.
  • After verification, an email will be sent to the alternate email address. Following the link will enable you to reset the password.

Facebook account password recovery

Thousands of people around the world suffer the problem of not getting logged in their face book accounts due to so many reasons. There are some solutions explained below:

  • If you forgot the password of your account or someone else has accessed to your account or hacked it don’t worry there are some ways to reclaim your account. At first you have to identify your face book account for this, enter your email or username or your mobile number. You will get to the recovery page.
  • After the identification of your account you will be lead to the reset password page. Before going to next step first confirm whether this is your account or not.
  • Then check the methods of contact and click on Reset password option. After doing so a password reset code will be sent to your mobile number or to your email address.
  • After getting access to your account immediately change the password and also update your information. Remove email address that does not belong to you.
  • In case if your account is hacked and the hacker has changed your password in this case face book will provide you an option to add a new email addresses which will be used to recover your account.
  • To recover your account click on No longer have access to these? That appear at the bottom of reset password page.
  • You will be asked security question and allowed to change your password at the spot.
  • In case you can’t answer the security question then a time period of 24 hours will be provided to access your account as an extra security precaution.

MSN Mail Password Reset

Follow these simple steps for Password recovery login of your MSN account as it will not take a long time.

  • Firstly, visit the password reset page then select the option ‘I forgot my password’
  • After doing so, select ‘reset your password’
  • To reset your password you have to add your Windows Live ID
  • A box will on screen will appear with different characters
  • You have to enter those characters
  • Click on “Continue”
  • You will be allowed to add a new password
  • You have changed your password successfully without security questions.
  • For any issues you can contact the MSN customer service at any time

Recover password with alternative email:

In case you forget the answer to the security questions you can avail the option of alternate email where an email with password reset instruction will be received.

While registration of your account the email provided is the alternate email of your account you should remember that email. Consider the following steps:

  • First select the option "Send password reset instructions to me in email".
  • Then choose the option ‘alternate email address’
  • Click on Continue button
  • Password recovery instructions are now sent to your alternate email
  • In case you haven’t received the mail in your inbox, ‘check your email after sometime’ this message will appear on the screen.
  • Again check your inbox to read out the instructions sent for password recovery
  • Then copy the link provided in email to a new tab and wait for few minutes as it will take some time to proceed
  • Now enter the information in the required boxes to confirm your identity and at the end reset your password by entering a new password.

 All of the above solutions are quite easy to be followed by anyone as these instructions take little time to be worked on.

Follow these and get rid of your account password issues. Or You can also Get our expert password recover support. Our expert will connect with you via phone or remotely and help you to reset and recover your account password.

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